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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Avenues..

I will forever and always hold a special place in my heart for the avenues of Salt Lake City.. I spent a year of my life living in among the tree huggers & the coffee enthusiast watching the city grow from a secluded distance but still within a hop, skip, and a jump from the center of the buzzing city life. 

I shared a beautiful 1920's home with several different girls, each from a very different path of life to say the least. The home had been converted into a tri-plex and we were the proud renters of the biggest part of the house. It was a three bed, two bath shelter that I called home. I was on the main level with my own bathroom (Very nice to say the least) while the other two rooms were in the basement. If the walls could talk in that home it would share stories like you would never believe......

I original started to live there with two medical studying girls from the UofU both named Jessica. I had previously know Jess Smith from Greek row, and she knew Jessica Forbes from previous parties. Our living situation only lasted a few weeks before all hell broke lose and Miss Forbes ended up vacating the premises and not on good terms by no means. But now those vendettas are settled thankfully!!

Then moved in the infamous Ryly Larrinaga, her and I had also began a friendship on Greek row that I would have assumed at the time to have lasted me a life time. But from what I have learned you should never live with a best friend because it is not going to end well to say the least. Ryly, Jess, and myself lived together in harmony (For the most part at least) for a good portion of the lease and then Jess slowly found herself no longer wanting to live there. But thankfully my best friend Morgan Kuhn needed a new start and some place to begin that so she became my fourth and final roommate.

As the seasons changed so did my friends and family as well as my life style. I partied hard with the frat guys, took to the nightly bar scene, was homely and never wanted to leave, adventured all over and attempted to be a walker (Ha that one was very short lived) dated many different men, mostly older ones that understood how to treat a woman, dated a bar tender for a brief moment who was covered in tats, (That was a life long goal I was able to check off) I owned a cat who's name was Gemma off of Sons of Anarchy and Morgan adopted a cat as well and named it Jax, (We were attempting to start our own show here) changed my look and attempted to become a preppy girly, changed it again to be more of a skater, and changed it yet again to be more earthy, I got BANGS for the first time in years and went back to being a red head, (My personal fave) got a new tattoo! sold my Lancer and purchased a shiny new caddy! and now here I am leaving it all behind and starting again with a whole new chapter of my life.

I will never forget what I have learned from living in that vintage home. It saw me cry, laugh, scream, and learn... I grew up in that place and now I am ready for a better part of my life to start. I have a new job with a better position, I have my family on my side closer then I have had them in years and I couldn't be happier with it! I still have my struggles and battles to fight but I am going willing to put my game face on, because I believe in myself and that I CAN be what I want. So here I am letting go and pushing forward onto a illuminated path I feel to be right.

Look out downtown cause here I come <3

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