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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So my favorite color in the whole world is PURPLE! And for some reason I feel like sharing this in a blog today.. I am very diverse and I love different styles of thing so I’m going to express them in the shades of Purple ")

I have always been a lil weird about my M&M's.. I refuse to eat a Blue one!!
They just don't taste the same to me ")

I love to color so much!! It is a way to express my love for art by just doodling!
Sadly my Purple crayon is always the first one to become so small or break from all the use!!

Dressing up is a passion of mine and I can usually be caught in a pair of high heals ")

The Daisy is my favorite flower!!
Spring time always get the best of me when it come to the Purple blossoms on the trees!!
Moooooo!! Got milk?
I love sports.. Just do it...
Party Hardy ")