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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Visit #3

So off to my 3rd visit I went and let me tell ya sitting in that waiting room to speak with the doctor for two minutes sucks but getting to actually hear the heat beat was one of the most amazing sounds ever! My little monster is growing and my tummy is showing it! Ahhh I don't wanna get fat :/

I didn't get an ultra sound this visit it was just one of those sound things but the doctor said everything seems to be going well now and I have gained 9 freaking pounds!! (Yes the whole getting fat thing makes me very sad) But there is an upside to it, means that even with all my puking and such I am getting the nutrition that I need to give to the baby so I am very happy with that. Throwing up has become second nature to me at this point, I hate it but when I need to do it I know it and I just let it happen rather then holding it back and making it worse. The smells have started to kick in, I can smell everything and if its not a good smell it makes me so sick I hate it! I want to tell so many people to go brush their teeth its awful cause I feel like there is no nice way of saying that. Oh well hopefully I will be able to get over it and just deal. Welp that's all the news I have for this time! I'm 12 weeks at this point! Two more visits and I get to find out what I am having eeek!!

Second Doctors Visit..

Monday has come and gone and I have a new ultra sound but yet I still don't feel that it is real. Besides the fact that I am more sick and emotional and broken out then I have ever been in my whole like I don't feel like there is a baby inside of me. Its so strange to think about but it is what it is, I will either get used to it or learn to live with it.

My sister came with me on this trip and it was amazing to have her there. She has always been there for me my whole life and taken care of me when ever I have needed her to. I trust her when it comes to my health more then anyone else so having her be with me made everything less stressful and far more exciting. I got to see the heart beating and it was amazing, helped me know that there really is something real inside me even if it does feel like a little monster eating me from the inside!

Everyone is getting more excited over this and Zach gets better every day, we were sitting on the couch the other day and I thought he was trying to just pick on me but he just wanted to put his hand on my tummy. Made me tear up I was so happy! I know he is going to be such a great daddy to our baby and it makes everything seem that much more exciting!