Life is the greatest gift one could ever ask for, mine is one I wouldn't trade for anything.. I love who I am and who I have in my life...


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wedding Bells & Studded Stilettos

I have always had a love for weddings, they are the days where people get together out of love and happiness for the lucky couple who have chosen to spend the rest of their lives with one another for better or worse, though the tears & giggles, and everything in between.

Over the beautiful summer of 2010, one of my closest of friends Morgan Lee Kuhn was married to Alex Greer in an alluring outdoor ceremony. Everything was so magical that day from the warming sunlight glistening on the gems of her gown, to the freshly cut flowers surrounding the happy couple. The aroma of daisy's, lilies, and babies breath fill the air as you walk onto the damp green grass still drying in the sunlight from the morning dew, making the ground like almost as if there are diamonds carefully placed amongst the neatly lined chairs. With all of the girls hair perfectly curled and boys ties flattened nicely on their lapels as the wedding begins. Smiles and light chatter can be heard as Alex and the Bishop wait at the enchanting waterfall for everyone to gather round. As the guest take their places the music begins to chime in and the bridesmaids and groomsmen step out the shelter of the cool house and into the illuminating sunshine. Right, left, right, left.... are the thoughts as we all walk simultaneously down the isle while the girls grip the arms of the gentle men in hopes that a slight misstep and tumbling to the ground will be their fate. We separate as we get to Alex who is just beaming with the sheer excitement of finally being able to see his exquisite bride. 

With everyone finally in place the wedding bells chime as Morgan and her father appear at the marvelous french doors that lead into the open gathering. At first glance the brilliant white glowing from her princess ball gown make you think that nothing could be more magnificent and then you take a closer look at the intricately placed beads along the gown & veil, and precise gatherings in the glossy fabric. Her skin is completely flawless and every stand of hair is curled to perfection. He father stands towering next to her in his sleek black tux and matching classic ten gallon cowboy hat, just like he always has on. The two almost seem to be a statue for just a moment while everyone stands in honor of her. The walk begins as she ever so gracefully walks the isle towards the man she loves most dearly, there is not even a pause in her step, even with her studded stilettos making the walk even more challenging. 

Finally Morgan and Alex are together holding each others hands staring deeply into each others eyes. This is it, this is the moment they have been waiting for their whole lives but never imagined it would be this wonderful.   

This is how just a moment of the most important day of their lives was spent. I felt beyond privildged to be allowed to spend this time with them. Morgan is a strong & divine woman who deserves a man who she will be able to trust for the rest of her life. 

Congratulations to you both <3

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Howl!!

Every year the air becomes crisp and the leaves start to change colors and the spook alleys open up while the ghosts  & goblins come out to play! This is the time of the year where you can become anything you want, from sexy bunnies to a pirate ready to plunder and skirmish all your delicious chocolate candy coins! Everything seems to be significantly scarier as you walk the streets a car in the distance skidding away seems to send chills down your spine and hasty step to your pace. The colors of Orange & Black just seem you make you feel festive and spiders are a decoration you are actually pleased with, and pumpkins are hollowed out and carved with evil faces and intricate designs possible. The tastes and smells are what I crave the most! Its this time of year  that the cinnamon & apple fragrances warm your heart with each simple sniff, and the pumpkin ice cream and hot cocoa that warms the senses and makes you want to wrap up tightly in a blanket to hide from all the haunting figures awaiting you just outside the door........

I plan out my costume for each Halloween all year long and but the time it comes around I am never anything that is seeming close to what I had been wanting to be but still just as equally exciting! Kayce & I dressed up to be Bella & Edward from Twilight! (And for those who have never read all the books and don't want to be spoiled I suggest to stop reading here!) I loved our costumes oh so very much! We had every detail perfect right down the the Cullen crest that Edward wears on his arm. But we were no regular Bella & Edward, we were the last book when Bella turns into a VAMPIRE!! We made our skin perfectly pale and covered in glitter. We turned Kayce's stunning blue eyes into warm hazel eyes and mine into a thirsty new born itching to suck the bloody life out of someone!! On Friday night we were the cleaned up version but by Saturday we were on the hunt in tattered clothes and preying on anything tasty that walked our direction! I carried around my own version of witches brew and labeled it blood and continued to drop small pieces of dry ice into it in order to up the creepy factor and keep the drink very chilly to the taste! Here are a few pictures from the nights events ")

Monday, June 21, 2010

Been a Minute!

Alright, so it has been a while since I have done much posting and there are good reasons for this! You see between work and life I cannot seem to keep the time of day straight and my days of the week have began to blur... Now this is not what I want, to wake up one morning and wonder where my life went and how I managed to miss it as it rushed past me while I waited for my simple weekends and dragged through the days of the week.. So instead I’m back with a full want out of my life and all that it has to offer! I want to fill it with all the shimmering bits and bites of beautiful tastes that I can possibly cram into my life, I know I am so small in this huge world but I want to make like the bright brilliant start I know I am! This means no more being held back by anything!! I am starting a new chapter in my life and I have a feeling it’s by far going to be the kind that makes you want to flip the next page and just finish the paragraph till suddenly you realize its 3 in the morning and you have read 5 chapters!
The life I love to live is my drug!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So my favorite color in the whole world is PURPLE! And for some reason I feel like sharing this in a blog today.. I am very diverse and I love different styles of thing so I’m going to express them in the shades of Purple ")

I have always been a lil weird about my M&M's.. I refuse to eat a Blue one!!
They just don't taste the same to me ")

I love to color so much!! It is a way to express my love for art by just doodling!
Sadly my Purple crayon is always the first one to become so small or break from all the use!!

Dressing up is a passion of mine and I can usually be caught in a pair of high heals ")

The Daisy is my favorite flower!!
Spring time always get the best of me when it come to the Purple blossoms on the trees!!
Moooooo!! Got milk?
I love sports.. Just do it...
Party Hardy ")

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The YES That I Didn't Expect!!

Sorry to all those who were thinking this was real! This is just the greatest April Fools prank that I have ever played on any of my friends!! Still looking for a different yes in the mail!! Kepp your fingers crossed for me!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lets play Ball..

So basically all growing up I was daddy’s little girl.. We did everything together and I was always right by his side. We would go to Jazz games and BYU games together all of the time, we would even travel all over the country to watch BYU Football take on different teams such as Notre Dame, ( Yes I have been to touch down Jesus) Boston College, UCLA, and the regular Mountain West Conference Teams. But it was more then that. When we would go to these games it would be just for the one BYU game we would catch as many games as possible and see all the sites we could find! Such as when we went to South bend, IN for the Notre Dame game we stayed in Chicago and watched the Bears play a game! (It was my first live NFL game so they are now my team ") But we also got to go to one of their world renown Field Museum, which I might add was spectacular! (I am a very well rounded person who loves art & sports, yeah we are hard to find ")

I have been in love with the great games of football & basketball because of father but one thing I managed to pick up from my mothers side of the family was the love for Americas past time.. Baseball.. The Boston Red Sox are where my heart is.. I love baseball more then any other sport which is odd because it was not a sport commonly watched in my house at all. The even funnier part of it is that my Grandfather is a Die heart New York Yankee fan! Yikes!! Ha but both of my uncles are Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fans as well.. What are the odds that three American League rival teams would be the biggest teams in my family? Now I didn’t just wake up one morning and want to be Boston fan, my very smart Uncle Bill married an amazing woman from none the less BOSTON!! So with her in mind I became a fan of the Red Sox.. (And yes it was before they won either of their recent World Series ")

The year that BYU play Boston College my Father, Mother, & Myself made the long drive down to New York to watch a late game in the old Yankee Stadium or otherwise known as the Concrete Jungle! It was an amazing game!! I even got to watch some stupid drunk man jump on to the field during the game and get tackled to the ground (Pretty intense actually haha ") But I was sad because I still had on a blue shirt from the BYU game earlier that day and well when the highlight of the night happened and the Red Sox’s won I was fully disappointed to be wearing blue and not my amazing new Big Papi jersey!! But I was still fully excited to see my Sox in action! Now this is just the beginning story as of to why I love sports and there will be many more stories to come ")

Monday, March 22, 2010

Growing Up... Its Coming!!!

So there are many things on my list of what I want to be when I grow up..
I know I know I am already growing up so I need to pick one already but I am still just a kid at heart and I am the most indecisive person I know its really sad actually (I’m a Libra though so its not like I can even help it) But when I set my mind to something I’m pretty great at making it happen but there are so many things that I could do with my life and I am still so unsure!!
I know that the next step I need to be taking is getting back into school and finish college.. But then there is picking a school which can be the hardest part of it all.. So here are my current choices of where I would like to attend this fall..

The University of Utah

Dixie State College

Now they are both GREAT schools and they both have their upsides but it’s down to being one of the two for me to attend school.. I have a half and half vote going for me on this one because my daddy went to BYU and loves the school and is very against the Ute’s, but the fact that it is a major university and it is much closer to home then Dixie is gives his vote to the Ute’s. Then of course you have Kayce and all of my friends up at the U who want me going to school with them next year since I already spend all of my time up there. BUT!!! St. George is where I originally planned to attend school this fall, where is warm and bright and sunny all year round! I have my friends down there who have been asking me to go there now for the past year and when I went to visit I fell in love!! Its becoming a very hard choice that needs to be made quickly but it also needs to be fully back with everything because I don’t want any regrets!
I’m planning on majoring in English/Writing so I need to be looking at which will be a better success story for me as well. But I’m still at such a loss here, Ugh... But hey until I have deiced I’m just going to continue to play with Miss Haley & Kayce (all the boys too of course) up at the U.

Wish me luck I make the right choice & get Accepted!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Time Phi Delt Threw the Spring Break Party!

My most recent adventure involved a party on Greek Row up at the University of Utah! (Now I’m not a Utah fan, but that’s because I grew up in a BYU house hold and I have decide I can cheer for the Ute’s but I will always love the Cougars, especially if I want to continue to attend BYU football games with my dad ") The boys of Phi Delt who recently got installed to be an official Fraternity (Yay for them!!) threw a hugely successful party at the Venue in Salt Lake. We all rode "La Bus" down and danced all night! Me of course saw the stage as soon as we walked in and knew I needed to be on it!! Well let me tell you by the time the night ended I had made some great new friends, received a few bumps and bruises, had some interesting videos made and allot of pictures, and great stories to remember!

There are a few people who made the night what it was for me....

Kelly, Beth, Haley, Ryly, & Kristen! These girls are beyond amazing to say the least!! Kelly had the camera and made sure the night was documented to the fullest!! Which there will be pictures posted ")

Now the boys!! All the boys of Phi Delt made the night Epically Fantastic! But there are a few that made my night even better.. Jake & Eric kept me laughing all night with their intense moves on the dance floor with that cape! (Jake in his Mexican hat with Joey was the highlight lol) Then you got Tyler teaching me how to do the boot and not by purpose either, I’m always finding ways to learn something new! Parker had my back all night and I believe he is the one that drew the Phi Delta Theta sign on my back but I don’t fully recall that one.. Mitch was a major part! I attempted to set him up with every pretty girl I could find including a cousin of his (Oops!) and his dancing was out of this world, plus he was leaving everything everywhere! He even attempted to put on my little cardigan at one point, didn’t go over so well haha ") Kevin & Corey also spent a great deal of the night making me giggle! Then of course last but defiantly not least, Kayce.. He made my entire night so amazing! This night was an official start to his & mine new adventures! He was a crazy good time, fed me amazing tacos, danced with me, let me drop a chair on him, and still after all that made sure I made it back safe by the end of the night! He is my favorite! (Still can’t believe he puts up with me even after I ran around completely killing his game which of course was my full intention ")

This one night ended up turning into an entire weekend of pure bliss!