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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Time Phi Delt Threw the Spring Break Party!

My most recent adventure involved a party on Greek Row up at the University of Utah! (Now I’m not a Utah fan, but that’s because I grew up in a BYU house hold and I have decide I can cheer for the Ute’s but I will always love the Cougars, especially if I want to continue to attend BYU football games with my dad ") The boys of Phi Delt who recently got installed to be an official Fraternity (Yay for them!!) threw a hugely successful party at the Venue in Salt Lake. We all rode "La Bus" down and danced all night! Me of course saw the stage as soon as we walked in and knew I needed to be on it!! Well let me tell you by the time the night ended I had made some great new friends, received a few bumps and bruises, had some interesting videos made and allot of pictures, and great stories to remember!

There are a few people who made the night what it was for me....

Kelly, Beth, Haley, Ryly, & Kristen! These girls are beyond amazing to say the least!! Kelly had the camera and made sure the night was documented to the fullest!! Which there will be pictures posted ")

Now the boys!! All the boys of Phi Delt made the night Epically Fantastic! But there are a few that made my night even better.. Jake & Eric kept me laughing all night with their intense moves on the dance floor with that cape! (Jake in his Mexican hat with Joey was the highlight lol) Then you got Tyler teaching me how to do the boot and not by purpose either, I’m always finding ways to learn something new! Parker had my back all night and I believe he is the one that drew the Phi Delta Theta sign on my back but I don’t fully recall that one.. Mitch was a major part! I attempted to set him up with every pretty girl I could find including a cousin of his (Oops!) and his dancing was out of this world, plus he was leaving everything everywhere! He even attempted to put on my little cardigan at one point, didn’t go over so well haha ") Kevin & Corey also spent a great deal of the night making me giggle! Then of course last but defiantly not least, Kayce.. He made my entire night so amazing! This night was an official start to his & mine new adventures! He was a crazy good time, fed me amazing tacos, danced with me, let me drop a chair on him, and still after all that made sure I made it back safe by the end of the night! He is my favorite! (Still can’t believe he puts up with me even after I ran around completely killing his game which of course was my full intention ")

This one night ended up turning into an entire weekend of pure bliss!

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