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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lets play Ball..

So basically all growing up I was daddy’s little girl.. We did everything together and I was always right by his side. We would go to Jazz games and BYU games together all of the time, we would even travel all over the country to watch BYU Football take on different teams such as Notre Dame, ( Yes I have been to touch down Jesus) Boston College, UCLA, and the regular Mountain West Conference Teams. But it was more then that. When we would go to these games it would be just for the one BYU game we would catch as many games as possible and see all the sites we could find! Such as when we went to South bend, IN for the Notre Dame game we stayed in Chicago and watched the Bears play a game! (It was my first live NFL game so they are now my team ") But we also got to go to one of their world renown Field Museum, which I might add was spectacular! (I am a very well rounded person who loves art & sports, yeah we are hard to find ")

I have been in love with the great games of football & basketball because of father but one thing I managed to pick up from my mothers side of the family was the love for Americas past time.. Baseball.. The Boston Red Sox are where my heart is.. I love baseball more then any other sport which is odd because it was not a sport commonly watched in my house at all. The even funnier part of it is that my Grandfather is a Die heart New York Yankee fan! Yikes!! Ha but both of my uncles are Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fans as well.. What are the odds that three American League rival teams would be the biggest teams in my family? Now I didn’t just wake up one morning and want to be Boston fan, my very smart Uncle Bill married an amazing woman from none the less BOSTON!! So with her in mind I became a fan of the Red Sox.. (And yes it was before they won either of their recent World Series ")

The year that BYU play Boston College my Father, Mother, & Myself made the long drive down to New York to watch a late game in the old Yankee Stadium or otherwise known as the Concrete Jungle! It was an amazing game!! I even got to watch some stupid drunk man jump on to the field during the game and get tackled to the ground (Pretty intense actually haha ") But I was sad because I still had on a blue shirt from the BYU game earlier that day and well when the highlight of the night happened and the Red Sox’s won I was fully disappointed to be wearing blue and not my amazing new Big Papi jersey!! But I was still fully excited to see my Sox in action! Now this is just the beginning story as of to why I love sports and there will be many more stories to come ")

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