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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Howl!!

Every year the air becomes crisp and the leaves start to change colors and the spook alleys open up while the ghosts  & goblins come out to play! This is the time of the year where you can become anything you want, from sexy bunnies to a pirate ready to plunder and skirmish all your delicious chocolate candy coins! Everything seems to be significantly scarier as you walk the streets a car in the distance skidding away seems to send chills down your spine and hasty step to your pace. The colors of Orange & Black just seem you make you feel festive and spiders are a decoration you are actually pleased with, and pumpkins are hollowed out and carved with evil faces and intricate designs possible. The tastes and smells are what I crave the most! Its this time of year  that the cinnamon & apple fragrances warm your heart with each simple sniff, and the pumpkin ice cream and hot cocoa that warms the senses and makes you want to wrap up tightly in a blanket to hide from all the haunting figures awaiting you just outside the door........

I plan out my costume for each Halloween all year long and but the time it comes around I am never anything that is seeming close to what I had been wanting to be but still just as equally exciting! Kayce & I dressed up to be Bella & Edward from Twilight! (And for those who have never read all the books and don't want to be spoiled I suggest to stop reading here!) I loved our costumes oh so very much! We had every detail perfect right down the the Cullen crest that Edward wears on his arm. But we were no regular Bella & Edward, we were the last book when Bella turns into a VAMPIRE!! We made our skin perfectly pale and covered in glitter. We turned Kayce's stunning blue eyes into warm hazel eyes and mine into a thirsty new born itching to suck the bloody life out of someone!! On Friday night we were the cleaned up version but by Saturday we were on the hunt in tattered clothes and preying on anything tasty that walked our direction! I carried around my own version of witches brew and labeled it blood and continued to drop small pieces of dry ice into it in order to up the creepy factor and keep the drink very chilly to the taste! Here are a few pictures from the nights events ")

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