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Monday, September 12, 2011

Fine wine

My Sunday evening has finally rolled in after a long few days of one big emotional roller coaster in my life.. I laughed, cried, learned, and followed.. I watched a lot of football as the season continues to bustle along. I spent time with my best friend and got to show her what my life was like not so long ago.. In fact it felt wonderful to be there again, to just enjoy my surroundings and not giving a care in the world because I was surrounded by the people who appeared to be loved ones.. It was fantastically exhausting and well worth it!

Till I came back into realization and knew just how cruel the world can be.. Heart break and tears haunt the lives of those you seek love in all the wrong ways..

Life should be summed up by how many times we laughed and learned and not by the trials we suffer, those should be learned from but let the pain go and enjoy the little things, such as a good glass of red wine and a good football game with the one who does care...

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