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Monday, September 19, 2011

Cowboy Boots & Beer

Swirls of dust in the air just cant seem to settle as people tramble along the well worn paths of the fair park in the warm late summer breeze.. Smells of pigs & chickens fill your nose as you first approach the grounds to start your adventure to see just what came to town this year... Cows, Goats, & Geese are among the animals you get to not only see, but unpleasantly smell, and possibly even touch..

Morgan and I spent a wonderful evening getting our fix of some good ole state provided fun this past week.. We drank good beer, avoided the creepy carneys, ate delish food, and rode a few rides... This was a great time that I fully enjoyed.. I look forward to going to the Utah State County Fair every year and I was so hapy for the priledge to take Miss Morgan to her very first one!! What a day to remember :)

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