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Monday, August 29, 2011

The perfect first kiss.....

we were slowly getting closer to each other all night breaking the touch barrier... then after dinner we were hanging out and he figured out I was ticklish and so he kept slowly sneaking his hands to grab my knees and such..
 then we locked eyes and his hand slowly slid  up to my face and gently caressed my cheek.. then he pulled his face closer to mine, I was biting my bottom lip slightly as he got closer I was so nervous.. then he hovered his lips just inches away from mine and I could already taste his sweet cool breath.. then he pulled my face in and our lips locked, My whole body just went a bit limp while my
 heart started to race so quickly thumping in my chest! He pulled away after about 30 seconds and smiled the most adorable smile I have ever seen... Then he pulled me back in to continue kissing me..... I felt fireworks going on all around me! it was amazing!

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