Life is the greatest gift one could ever ask for, mine is one I wouldn't trade for anything.. I love who I am and who I have in my life...


Monday, August 29, 2011

The time I had to start over..

So its been an interesting few months to say the least and I am off to a whole new life as we speak! I have always had some crazy turns in my life that lead me to places i never anticipated I would go but now I couldn't imagine my life any other way then how it is...

I have had to learn the very hard way on who to trust and who to leave behind.. I have  lost my family and gained them back on a whole new level as well. Most people who know me only know a piece of me and never really take the time to get to know the real me. My family for the first time in 21 years has actually come to terms with who I am and what I want, they may not always agree with me of course ha. I am who I am and I am not afraid to shout it out loud anymore either, this is me take me or leave me but either way I am stronger then I have ever been before!

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