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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Football Season is Back!

For me the real first day of fall is the day that football season kicks off. (Even if it is just college).

The smell of hot dogs and kettle corn fill the air as you first walk into the crowed stadium for that first game. Everyone is buzzing about how its going to be a great season and we are going all the way this year with the new fresh start. Its still warm outside with the late summer sun beating down that it feels good to reach in the ice bin and pull out the water to help keep you hydrated and your throat wet as you prepare your vocals to get loud during the game. You walk around the concessions to see if there is anything new added this season and watch all of the excited fans pile in as it gets closer to the coin toss. 

You can feel the rush of your heart beat as you make your way through the portal and see that green grass with the freshly painted white lines so crisp and bright in the afternoon light. Trying to hold back your excitement at this point it impossible because the grin on your face can reach both ears at this point. You take those few steps up and find your seat, this is going to be the seat you are going to watch history in the making from. Eager for everything to start you watch the time clock wind down slowly ticking as each team takes the field, the roar is so loud you can feel it as if it was a small earth quake announcing the game is about to begin.

Stadium is silent for just a moment and then the rumbling starts. The teams have taken their places on the field and the ball has been kicked, you watch it soar in the air till finally its caught by the receiver and he starts to make his escape. He seems home free till the sudden crunch of helmets stops him in his tracks. 

First down! The game ticks on and each play brings the ball closer and closer to the end zone in attempt to get points on the glowing board of approval. the sun slowly sets and as the night falls and the stadium lights are turned on the crowd gets a whole new burst of energy and the cheering gets to level of loud. Touch downs and fields goals! The score keeps rising as the clock keeps ticking.

Football has been an honored tradition in my family for years and and needless to say I don't think I could live with out. Every season has been spent differently and every season I am just as excited. I grew up with season tickets to BYU games and loving basking in the atmosphere of good ole Provo. I have traveled the country to watch BYU take on some amazing teams like Notre Dame, Boston College, UCLA. It was a wonderful way to spend a childhood. As I grew into my college years I spent a season in the MUSS cheering on the Utes and loving every moment of it. Between the infamous Pig Bus at tailgating to the late night games and celebrating all night win or loss. These are memories that I cherish and will never forget, but these days things have changed. I have been a Chicago Bears fan for a long while and I love them. I have been to Solider Stadium and seen them play and that's where my love for them generates. These days I find myself cheering for the NY JETS. Never would I have imagined myself cheering for a New York team (Considering I hate the Yankees) but they are a team that I own a jersey for and T-Shirts and can help but show my pride for them. I plan to one day very soon teach my child to have a love of football and keep our family tradition alive of enjoying the rush of stepping into that stadium and seeing your team play live.

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