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Monday, August 13, 2012


I swear I can not go five minutes with out wanting to eat something! I told myself years ago that if I ever chose to have children I would never ever use the excuse that I am eating for two and that I would be very healthy and keep to my regular eating plans. NOPE! Oh how wrong was I, food has become my best friend these days. When I wake up I eat, by the time I get to work I need to eat again, lunch never can come soon enough, then of course there is the afternoon snack before i leave the office. When I get home and its gym day I try not eat but there is usually a snack before and then I come back and cook dinner and then there is always a treat before bed. For my first trimester I have had the hardest time keeping for down and now I have learned the more often I eat the less sick I feel and the less I get sick (Which to me is amazing). So now I just enjoy my snacks and I continue to work out no matter how much I hate it because I know if i eat like this I will regret it in the end. (I don't want to be a fat mother, my goal is to become a milf ;)

Some of my craving have included just about everything, there really inst anything specific besides the fact I do dream about pretzels and I have only had one since I became prego which makes me very sad to say the least! Beyond that I like pancakes, mac & cheese, and meatballs. Pickles I fully enjoyed for a while and I'm pretty sure it was because the vinegar helped keep food down. What I do not like is eggs and things with strange textures, they makes me feel weird and I don't want to eat them. I'm sure these will change the further along I get but as of 14 weeks and 5 days that's what I like to eat :)

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