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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


So I have been failing pretty badly at posting pictures of my growing belly but that's not the worst part.... I have been ever worse at taking them :/ fail!! So my new goal is to make this happen! I figure if I take the picture every Wednesday when I get home from work I can post it Thursday and will be able to stay caught up on where I am! Since I am only 22 weeks currently I still have a while to go and it shouldn't be that bad. I do wish that I would have bought a better chalk board and I think that would have helped. Making my own was a very bad idea haha. Oops!

Well to catch up on my progress I am no longer as sick as I was but pizza is still not a good choice sadly. On the other hand I am in love with Mexican food and hot and spicy things they make me very happy! I swear I have Mexican food every day! If I could I would have La Luna for lunch and dinner and breakfast burritos every morning. I also crave pumpkin flavors like none other! I found a pumpkin spice mix and I drink it everyday in replace of caffeine to help with my slow starts every morning. My last craving is steak, I keep trying to convince Zach to come out to the BBQ and make it with me but there is always a reason to get in the way which super bums me out but I have been surviving. I have to say I do enjoy the fact the my taste buds have been heightened because I am a salt addict and I have rarely used it lately which makes me happy! Less risk of swelling up and retaining to much water. (As if I haven't already gained a crap load of weight!)

My belly and bum and breast are HUGE! My waist is still decently small but trying to get anything over my ass is a fail! and shirts that I figured would still work because they are so lose in the belly wont fit over my boobs or makes them look like they are going to pop out! Haha now normally I wouldn't complain about that part but when it limits what you can wear I have to say it seriously sucks! I can not wait to get home everyday and just rip my pants off and be comfortable!

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