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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

23 Years Later

I still cant not believe that I am actually 23 years old! This is the first birthday that I actually feel like I got older on. I am no longer just a kid I am an actual adult! I probably feel this way because I am prego and in a very steady relationship that has now been a year together! I can not believe how fast time has flown! This past year has been a blast but way to fast!

Last year I spend my birthday partying nonstop and going all out and way over the top! Completely worth it though because I got to spend it with the most amazing man who I then thought was the man of my dreams and this year I now know that he is. I feel so lucky to have him in my life! This year he took the time to make sure I felt special on my birthday and got our friends together and took me to dinner and a movie (Which we rarely do so it was a true special occasion!) He spoiled me with the most amazing bubble bath (I cant get enough of those lately) and candles of my favorite scents. (I always have a candle lit where I am at) He also gave me the money to buy prego clothes since he knows how badly I am struggling with it! ha. He is so adorable and sweet to me!

My mother surprised me with toys from when I was just a baby so that my son would be able to play with them! I found that very sweet and adorable! My sister gave me a cook book with the most amazing recipes in it that I am having a blast making! I already loved to cook and clean before but my nesting senses are starting to come in and this book is coming in very handy to say the least. Zach was thrilled for the book because it means I will spend more time in the kitchen :) My grandmother (Moms side) sent me samples of the blanket that she is making for my baby and it is so beautiful! Its in the browns blues and whites and I think its going to be adorable! I cant wait to see it! She also sent money which is being spent on more fun baby stuff as well! My dads mother gave me the most adorable baby outfits that say cute like dad on them! I love them so much but they are so tiny and I have a very strong feeling my baby is going to be huge! So I'm going to go exchange them for a bigger size so he will be able to wear them longer.

I also got to go to lunch with Miss Chis! She even let me pick La Luna, even though that's where I always make her go haha. It was so fun being with her talking about all the exciting things that are going on, she has become such a big part of my life again and it means the world to me because my friends list is getting much smaller now that I dont want to go out. So its wonderful to have her around. We even got to see Parker while we were at lunch which is always a nice surprise. Well that was my 23rd birthday, short and sweet exactly how I wanted it to be.

 20 Weeks 6 days!

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