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Thursday, October 25, 2012

25 Weeks & Snow!

So I have have been growing and growing! I cant believe just how big I have gotten it makes me sad to say the least. But so long as this baby is healthy I know it will be worth it. (Well that is what I keep telling myself ha) but anyways yesterday was my 25 week point which makes me happy because it means I am 6 months down and three more to go!! Yay!! I cant wait for this little guy to get here it makes me so excited!!

My adorable belly button that I loved is no more... Its now poking out and feels so weird when it rubs against something, and looks very funny to say the least. But when I push it in I don't think that the baby like that very much because he squirms around when it happens ha. but he has gotten big enough that Zach can finally really feel the movement and I know he did because he put his hand on my belly last night and when he felt the movement the look a crossed his face was priceless. He couldn't believe he was actually feeling his baby move. It made me so happy that its finally strong enough that it is undeniable that the movement is our baby :)

The first snow fall of the year is what I woke up to this morning! I am very excited for winter but it makes me sad that it has come so early! I mean its still October. I wish it would wait just a bit longer before it snows because we don't get much fall which is my favorite season and it makes me sad. Halloween is almost here and I can not believe how fast the month went! Just flew by to say the least. But anyways back to the snow part, we are working on the house still and we get carpet installed today and its gonna happen in the snow which fully sucks! I am not excited about that part at all. I want the carpet in so that we are one step closer to being done but at the same time having it done in the snow means it could be wet and then that could cause problems later on and I don't like the thought of that since its going in my babies bedroom. But fingers crossed it all goes well! We also picked out the cabinets for the kitchen and have the full layout planned and last night we went and looked at appliances which is fun because I am excited for a cool fridge. That's the part I am looking forward to haha. We are getting closer and closer to getting the house finished!! YAY!!

How far along? 25 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 160 (30 Pounds UGH!)
Maternity clothes? Borrowed Payton's clothes ha
Stretch marks? My poor bum looks awful
Sleep: I was sleeping so well for a while but this past week its been terrible
Best moment this week: When Zach felt the baby jumping around
Have you told family and friends: All my family finally knows and more friends have been told
Miss Anything? Feeling attractive
Movement: He wont move while I am standing but if I am sitting at a laid back angle he moves lots!
Food cravings: It has been Mexican food and now I don't really want to eat. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still no eating pizza or Italian food
Have you started to show yet: I look like I have a ball under my shirt, no more hiding it haha
Names: Zach loves Axel & I like Liam.. We both hate the names each other like
Labor Signs: I get braxton hicks and they suck
Happy or Moody most of the time: My mood at work has gotten better but I am pretty moody at home
Looking forward to: Having the house finished
Other News: Today is the first day of snow!

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