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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The First Year of Life

As I get closer to Knox's first birthday I have started thinking about all the experiences we have had over the last year. Its been the craziest most stressful yet wonderful year of my life. There have been so many firsts that I never realized how much they would mean to me. I look back and am amazed that we have actually survived and are as close of a family as we are. My life is wonderful because of what this little man has given me. I have been having moments folding laundry, playing with Knox or just hanging out with Zach and I pause to just smile because of how lucky and happy I am to be where I am at in life. Here are just a few reasons why I am so happy, and to think its only been 361 days so far...

1. Knox was born on 1.26.13 a healthy little guy and very happy!

2. We took Knox home to our little apartment on Keith's property and found that he did NOT like sleeping at night.

3. On March 9th we moved into our amazing new home!

5. Knox first Easter was spent out in the desert riding in the rzr and enjoying the sun.

6. In April Knox and I took his first flight out to California! He got to see the Ocean and spend time with our California family! 

7. In May my poor Cadi came to an end and Zach got me my first Mommy Ride! Our F150 became Knox;s and I's new whip!

8. On June 1st Rylee & Dante were married! Yay!

9. July marked Knox first time to Montana and the cabin! He loved boating and the water as well the fire works during his first fourth of July!

10. August marked the start of CRAWLING and his first tooth!! Such an exciting moment.

11. End of August was the first time he really started to mimic what we did with his no no no head shake :)

12. September we hired our nanny Alex & Knox loved her instantly! The first sippy cup & straws were used and he knew exactly what to do! Such a smart little guy! As well the second tooth popped out!

13. The first week of October was Knox first trip to the Las Vegas desert and ride in Zach's race car.

14. The middle of October was our first time both being away from Knox when we went to New York and he spent the weekend with my mother & father.

15. Halloween! We were a Star Wars family, Knox first costume was a little yoda :)

16. November started the first real signs of walking! I was a nervous nelly watching that boy use his walker!

17. The first Thanksgiving was spent in St. George with Knox on his first dirt bike ride with his daddy. Tender moment!

18. Christmas!! We went big and the little man was straight spoiled! He got toys and clothes for days!

19. NYE was done in the usual Glamis Fashion and the little guy loved the sand and did not want to be out of it.

20. January..... My child is full on walking with no hesitations! I am a proud mom but it is so stressful!

21. His first words are very clear now and I am proud to say they are mama & uh oh! Hahaha love it!

To think this is only the first year and its not even over yet. My baby is going to be a toddler in less than 4 days! He is growing up way to fast!

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