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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Where Has April Gone!

I can not believe how fast the past month has just flown by! It was one of the craziest months Zach and I have ever had together. But we managed to stay strong together and fight through it and we are now starting off May on a good foot!

Just as a brief catch up on what has happened I will start back on April 1st. It was a pretty rough day and I was not in the best of moods, I stayed longer at work and didn't make it to the gym. I was just straight a grumpy person and wasn't being very nice to Zach which didn't make him very happy with me to say the least. Well we went to bed on a rough note and I woke up the next day thinking it was going to be a fresh start and we would move past yesterdays drama.. Well we did but not in a way I figured it would happen....

I will never forget the feeling I had when Zach came into the bedroom doe eyed and a bit frazzled to question me on where my F150 truck was. I was so confused at first as of to why he would be asking me this and I responded telling him it was in the garage, as if to say where the hell else would it be? His look on his face was suddenly even worse when he stated that it was not in there.... I remember rushing to the garage to find the door open and the truck gone..... My heart sunk instantly and I felt as if I could see the truck there but it just wasn't. Zach looked at me and questioned if the truck was stolen, I responded bluntly saying OBVIOUSLY! We instantly started coming up with explanations as of to where the truck might be and who could have taken it. Considering the day before was April fools we were hoping it was just a joke and the only person we could think of that would play such an elaborate prank would be Keith, Zach's dad. So while he called him I ran out the diesel truck in the drive way to see if the garage door opener was in there instead of the jeep which it usually was. As I came up to the truck I froze in instant fear.. the automatic step that comes out when the door is opened was still extended.. I knew right then at something was seriously wrong and that this was not a prank... As I opened the door it only got worse, the truck had been ransacked and every compartment was open and papers we scattered. This was not just a harmless prank, we had been robbed... Our home had been entered and our possessions were taken. When I came back into the house Zach was on the same page I was and was already calling the police. I then realized that my purse was in the truck and everything I had was taken with it... I started pulling up my transactions to find that my cards were being used at a gas station.. I was so angry that someone could do this to us, I was in shock and so angry that first day. Then as time has progressed I have become just upset, it really tests your relationship when something is awful happens. Zach and I knew our only option was to keep moving forward and do what we needed to get back on track. We stayed strong together and made our home as safe as we could. This test has brought us closer as a family and made me appreciate having him so much more.

My truck will have been gone a month tomorrow and we know that the likely hood of ever getting it or our belongings back are slim to none at this point. Its still sad but from this we are grateful that they did not enter into our home and harm us and its only money at this point that was taken. I just have to remember its the little things in life that matter and help us overcome our challenges.

So as we move into May I am happy to report that life is still a bit stressful but we are happier than ever. I love Zach with my whole heart and we have such an amazing relationship with each other. We understand and appreciate each other which makes everything so worth it. I may make him want to smother me with a pillow at times (Ha oops!) but I know he still cares so much about me. We have grown into a great couple and good parents together, we still have a long road ahead together, but judging by our past we are going to be ok. I am with him till the end no matter what. So this post has turned into a love rant about Zach instead of details about April, but I am pretty sure that my stolen truck story pretty much covers it all. With the exception of Easter which I will post later with great photos and how I made the cutest Easter baskets (Yay me!) 

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