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Friday, March 14, 2014

Baby Teeth & Bro Hats

My little stinker has two more bottom teeth now! Thankfully he has not become a biter yet with those sharp things! I know I say it often but every day I am more amazed at just how smart Knox is and just how fast he is growing. He wants to be a part of everything we are doing and is behavior is wonderful. He is learning to count to three and plays paddy cakes with us. His kisses & waves goodbye are now followed with the word bye! (Very proud mommy moment) He is starting his running now and is doing such a great job, if he falls he picks himself right back up and dusts off his hands and keeps going like a champ. No tears for this little guy :)

We have been spending every weekend in the desert recently and its been a blast. Zach and I are enjoying taking Knox out on the RZR and he loves getting dirt bike rides on the 150. He makes a burrap noise when he wants to go faster and he also understands that you need to kick your leg in order to start the bike. It so adorable when he gets on his little fourwheeler and kickstarts it before he sits down to ride it. He wants to be just like his father in every way. He will get Zachs hats out of the closet and try them on and walk around in them. He loves his father and he is adorable looking in them.

Well that is just a brief catch up on whats new in our busy lives. I have more pictures to post and they will follow shortly! Loves <3 nbsp="" p="">

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