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Friday, August 8, 2014

When The Bee Stings...

We had our fist encounter with Knox and Bees last Thursday evening. For new parents I am pretty sure that we handled it well, at least I think so.. (There was a bit of Googling involved ha). But thank fully he is not allergic. Phew!!!

Zach and his good friend Christian were on our back patio talking and playing with Fireworks while Knox was able to enjoy some guy time before it was bed time. He was running around laughing and enjoying himself when he wondered up to our patio furniture to smack his hands down on the the coffee table when suddenly several  hornets began to fly out from under it. Before Zach could do anything about it, Knox had one on his forehead where he instantly cupped it with both hands. The tears & screams in pain flowed out instantly! The poor little guy thankfully is not allergic and with the magical help of doTERRA I was able to get the swelling down very quickly. He is my tough little guy and I am so proud of him for surviving his first bee encounter so well. Love that little man.

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