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Friday, July 11, 2014

Living For The Moments

Lately I have been evaluating my life and learning what needs to be important to me and what does not. It saddens me that as I come closer to my 25th year of life that I have spent so much of my life worried about others feeling and opinions that should have never mattered. I am a very loyal person and I will do everything I can for the people who I feel are like family to me, but as I look back I can see how little my feelings have meant to them. I have given so much out into this world wanting to impress all the wrong people. The only people I should ever feel that I need to give all this energy to is Zach, Knox, and my family. They are the only ones that have always been there for me and have loved me unconditionally.

The moments in life that these people have given to me have been wonderful. They have all taught me something and shown me the better side of life. Partying, drinking, and waking up the next day feeling regretful has wasted to much of my life already and I am proud to say that I no longer suffer from that disease (With maybe a rare incident but nothing bad to wake up to). My father taught me to love the outdoors and enjoy everything that nature has to offer and I am very blessed to have found Zach who is on the same page. He would rather take our family out in the desert or on the lake to appreciate natures beauty instead of stay home and get wasted. He believes in taking advantage of all the wonderful things he has been able to buy and actually use them instead of just having them sit in the garage collecting dust. Why not spend money on gas to have fun and remember instead of spending money on nasty alcohol and look trampy in photos? I will always go with the first.

Life is full of just a bunch of moments that are grouped together. I am proud to say that as I am getting older and my family is getting closer I am loving the life I lead. It is giving me memories that I can share with my best friend and enjoy for the rest of my life.

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