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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I belong with you..

Some times you here a song and it just hits you in all the right ways. I have a deep love for music and I tend to relate to so many songs that just take place in my life. There is one song by the Lumineers called 'Ho Hey' that just gets me every time. Its about finding that one you love and making them yours. I know most people take this song about finding their significant other and loving them but to me I take it in a different way. This song makes me think of my son and just how much I love him, I could not imagine not having him with me. I have been through so many trials in my life and this little boy was meant to be mine... I know that sounds so cheesy and motherly of me but all my life I have been waiting for that one person who would make me feel true love and want to be a better person. My son is that person. With out his beautiful soul I would be so lost in this world, when he looks at me I know that I can overcome anything because I have him by my side. He belongs with me.

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