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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Time to celebrate because we have a little boy on the way!

Final Ultra Sound

So the big day finally came for us to go and get my 20 week ultra sound to make sure everything with the baby is growing right is coming along correctly as well as getting to find out what I am having..... I was so nervous for all of this to happen that I couldn't sleep the days leading up to the event and I made myself so stressed out over it. The fear of not having a healthy baby or having everything be right scared me so badly I couldnt take it. Then on top of it all I knew how much zach wanted a boy and I was so worried it was going to be a girl and he would be so dissapointed and things would be awkward between because I was not only giving him a child to have to deal with but I was also going to give him a girl... The thought of this just about made me break down in tears it was no bueno at all!

Well some how I made it through all the stress and worry and the day finally arrived for us to head to the hospital. All day I didn't want to talk about what was about to happen or even what I wanted the baby to be I just knew that I was ready for it to be over with so I could know and move on already! Well the time finally came for Zach and I to go and dumbly with my stressed out self I drove us to the big Salt Lake hospital and pretty sure I almost killed us a few times (Oops!) But we made it there safely and on time and thankfully so did my sister and both my mom & dad. We all stayed gathered in the waiting area to be brought back to start this nerve racking experience. When she allowed us to go back to the next waiting area I had to promise that my family would be well behaved and silent if they got to come with (I was originally told I could only bring one person with me but I couldn't pick just one was my problem) She laughed and ushered us back to a small place in the back of the hospital. The sun was so bright beaming through the windows as we made small talk and waited. I felt like I was going to be sick and tired to blame it on not eating but everyone knew I was just getting crazy butterflies. The ultra sound tech walked out and welcomed us into the room pulling a chair close to the top of the bed so Zach could be close to me. I paid down on the bed and pulled my shirt up expecting a cold squirt of gewiness to be put on my belly but to my surprise it was very warm and soft and it helped relax me enough to the point I where every muscle wasn't so tight.Zach placed his hand on my shoulder and held tight to me.

She started to measure things like the head and the body and count strands and explained everything as she went showing me fingers and toes and just how well everything was going in my belly. We watched my baby yawn and stretch out. At first I was confused and asked if it was me or the baby moving and when she said the baby the whole room just gasped with joy and by this point everyone was smiling so big! Everything seemed to be perfect and exactly how it should have been. The ultra sound tech kept having spelling issues and when she took a picture of the arm she put ATM instead. Shortly after that my dad stated that it was going to be a boy, my mother shook her head saying no its not why would you say that? Well in pitching terms they refer to it as your ATM i guess so he automatically assumed that was his sign it was going to be his little ball player. Well everyone got a kick out of that but the ultra sound continued and we got to look at everything for the baby. Well the end came near and she finally asked if I wanted to know the sex of the baby..... I hesitated for a moment but knew how upset everyone would be if I didn't find out and I knew it would stress me out more if I didn't so I calmly agreed and everyone sighed in relief that I said yes......

Monday, September 17, 2012

Rock Star Baby

Over the weekend I was looking for a cute theme for my baby's room and wondering what I should do. I started going through my friends photos on FB and found one that I am in love with. She had a photo posted of the cutest bottle I have ever seen and I had to ask where she got it from, her hubby Kent then sent me a link and now I am OBSESSED!! Its called the Rock Star Baby Shop and there are a few things on there that I am crazy about!! So expensive which makes me sad so I am going to have to save my pennies so I can buy all the adorable things! But I had to share just a few of the things that I think are beyond adorable!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

My Saving Grace

They say that having a baby only makes the relationship harder, but I feel like I may be the exception to that rule. I know that the baby isn't here yet so I cant say this for sure of course. I can say though that the further along I get the closer Zach and I become. He is the one thing in my life that doesn't stress me out or cause me to just start crying. There are moments where I get angry with him and then I realize that I'm just emotional and I need to calm down because there is no reason to over react. (My sister taught me well to realize when I'm the problem and I just need to walk away cause my hormones just suck right now haha) Beyond that factor of course, Zach makes me so happy and helps me get through these tough times. He just knows when something is wrong and wont even ask questions, he just makes some sort of comment he knows will make me smile and then will rub my shoulders or just let me lean on him for a minute. He truly is the most amazing man I have ever let into my life, besides my dad of course. I'm grateful to have him and everything he does for me.