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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Grand Cayman Island

The smell of sea salt in the air has yet to escape my mind, I can still feel the blistering sun beating down on my back as the sweltering humidity surrounds me. It was a beautiful vacation! It was my first trip to the island and hopefully not my last. Our family vacation was to the tropical island of Grand Cayman, where there are roosters roaming the streets and the clearest ocean water I have ever seen.

Our trip started off with a months notice to get passport ready and looking our best because swimsuit season was coming early! Zach and I got in gear and hit the gym hard to be ready for this adventure! Those 30 days went by so quickly and suddenly it was late Friday evening and we were headed to the airport! I could barely contain how excited I was to be going! The amount of luggage at the airport was massive, you would think that we were staying for a month rather then just a week. Slowly but surely we all checked in and headed to the terminal. We were bound for 3 flights, and long layovers before we would arrive to the island awaiting us. We quickly learned that our two young boys were not fans of flying.... in the least! Ha. But sure enough we survived and made it with both boys still alive.

As we packed ourselves into the van like sardines in a can with no room to spare we took off for George Town. I have never driven on the wrong side of the road with a right hand drive car before and it was very unnerving to say the least. We were on a one way street and Keith jumped out to pick up a box of Cuban Cigars and informed Zach to just circle the block a few times he would be right back, followed by the caution that he did not get insurance so do not hit anything..... We turned the corner and instantly hit a sign with the mirror, thankfully only rubber but it proved that right hand drive was going to take some getting used to. After sweeping Keith back up we stopped for a few small groceries as well as beer. Then away to the house we went!

The house was splendid! We had our own access to the lagoon behind the house and across the street within a few steps was a white sand beach that had a view of the ocean! Our pool was very large with plenty of room to play as well as a swim up bar to sit and relax at. There were kayaks and a paddle board to play on and a dinning table to sit right on the water and enjoy the warm weather. Our room had access to the main house as well as a door to the screened patio and easy access to pool, it was purple and white with a wonderful girly yet tropical sense to it. I was in love! We managed to find the first full season of lost on DVD in the room so needless to say we were watching that every night, can you say hooked!

We spent out days in the pool, walking to rum point for drinks, and snorkeling in the ocean. It couldn't have been anymore peaceful if it tried. There was no urgency to do anything but just enjoy ourselves and get a nice tan, which we sure did! Knox fully loved swimming and would be so sad every time we took him out of the water. He caught on the the holding your breath concept very quickly and loved going underwater and being tossed around. He was a great child during the trip and would do anything we put him into including the kayaks.

George Town was not what I expected it to be but it was still very pretty, we went in for a quick trip to walk down the streets and grab a drink. There were 5 cruise shipped at bay and were all loading up to head out to see so everything was starting to close up for the day, so no real shopping was done. We still enjoyed our little day trip out there. We also made a pit stop in Hell.... A large pile of black sharp rocks with enormous iguanas living around it and a small gift shop with the creepiest little man who thinks he is the devil (Even dresses like him everyday). It was a short lived 10 minutes and now I can say I have been to hell and back, ha.

Yacht Life!Thursday was a very rainy day and we were all a bit worried that our boat trip out to Sting Ray city may be a bust but we kept our hopes high and headed to Cayman Kai to board our yacht and head out. It was still gray skies but by the time we made it to the reef the blue skies were visible and the sun was burning bright again. We put on our snorkel gear and hit the water! It was fantastic! We saw some beautiful fish while our tour guide hunted for a conch. There was plenty of YOLO's to go around as we jumped from the top of the boat into the sparkling blue water below! Once we had our fun in the water we loaded back up and headed for stingray city. This was by far the coolest thing I have ever done in my life. We were surrounded by the largest sting rays I have ever seen! They would come right up to you and suck on your limbs or back with no worries. I was able to pet them and hold one, we were told they were the puppies of the sea. They were so gentle and loving! They boys were a little unsure what was going on but they both warmed up enough to touch them and then head back to the boat. After having Zach put chum in my shorts so that the string rays would chase me down (so loving of him) we loaded back up and headed to see the 4.5 Foot Green Moray Eel! It was so creepy to see and Noah and Zach managed to be chase by it several times. But they both survived after letting out a few shrieks of fear. Ha.

Needless to say it was a very successful trip, we came home with Rum cake and sun kissed skin. I couldn't be more grateful to Keith for taking us on such a lavish vacation. Having my toes in the sand and a cold drink in my hand made it to be a wonderful time. I am happy to be home and back in my own bed but I cant wait to go back one day!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cake Smash & A Pirate Party

My beautiful little boy turned one! I can not begin to fathom where the last year has gone and how much has changed. This little guys has made such a difference in my life and has made me understand that I need to appreciate the little things more then I ever have before. I have an amazing life and I give all the credit to my little man. So to party up in the best way I know how I threw Knox a first year birthday party that I was very proud of! My mommy skills are coming in very nicely I might add :)