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Monday, December 31, 2012

What a year... Good bye 2012 and hello 2013

Welp the world didn't end this year like the Mayans said so I have to say that I'm pretty happy about that. Means I have lots more time in my plate to accomplish more wonderful goals!

So I am sitting here watching the Dick Clark New Year's Eve special with chesty waiting for Zach to come home. I thought I was going to be alone for New Years and he still may miss midnight but the fact that he left Glamis early to be with me makes me even happier than I can describe! He truly has become the most amazing man ever and I can already tell he will be a great father as well. I have realized just how lucky I am already in life and how many more blessings I have to come.

Now that the year has come to an end I figured tonight was perfect to take a look back and remember everything that has happened in my messy life and make a record of it. So here goes!

Last year I spent New Year's Eve in Glamis and I kissed the one and only Zach Rossberg! Together we started a year that would change our lives in a way that neither one of us would have ever expected.

(HAPPY NEW YEAR TIMES SQUARE!!! Sorry it just happened so I had to note it :)

We spent plenty of time camping and boating with a great boating trip to lake mead and lots of weekends in Montana. This was a first for me, I had never truly been in Montana for longer then a drive though but now it feels almost like a second home. I completely love being there, it's such a beautiful escape and Keith's rock castle on the sparkly blue lake takes the cherry on the cupcake. We spent the week of the 4th of July there with lots of wonderful friends and family, only a few exceptions to that. I am looking forward to this next July, this year we will be spending it with an even bigger family!

That was the best part of the year, even though that was also the scariest part of the year. Finding out that I am having a baby... What a crazy thought I never thought would happen let alone happen with Zach. Had someone told me years ago that I would end up with him I would have thought there is no way then just laughed it off. Now I can not imagine being with anyone else. He has made me so happy and taught me to be comfortable with myself. I am now closer to my family then I ever have been and they adore Zach, which is completely a first. That I would have to say is the highlight of my year, I talk to my parents at least every other day when before it was every other week if that. Zach has brought out a side of me I never thought existed. I could not be more grateful to him for that.

During the past year I have worked for Brody and Jerry Bohn in a wonderful environment that I will always miss. Then I went to work very briefly for another sales company I'm sandy that was different but I still enjoyed it and I am very grateful for the people I met there. And now I work for the one and only Keith. And in accounting none the less! Ha I never thought that would happen, I have always done some accounting but now I run the show.... Not sure how that happened but I have to say I do love my job. It's a blast and I am actually pretty good at it too, plus Zach and I work in the same building and see each other daily and it doesn't seem to effect us at all which is wonderful.

Another big change was moving in with Zach but it was a great choice. I never went to my place anymore so it was pointless to pay for it and well Zachs bed is where I landed. Now we are working on his house and its going to be beautiful! It's been a very long project but we are so close to finishing!! The house is beyond gorgeous too, so many details and has the best of everything in it. I feel like a princess in this home it's that wonderful!

There were two engagements this year, Bridger popped the question to Payton back in February for valentines and they tattooed on their rings. Then on Christmas Eve Dante got down on one knee to ask Miss Rylee! It was the cutest thing and I was so excited for them both. I am looking forward to the weddings during the upcoming year!

Well I think those are the highlights to the year.. I have a few goals that I hope to keep this next year and here they are.....

1- Make it though pregnancy
2- Be a good mother and give my son what he needs
3- Make sure Zach feels loved and I share my attention with him
4- Blog more even if its just pictures
5- Facebook less and avoid people who bring negativity into my life
6- Be in amazing shape by the week of the 4th of July
7- Take full advantage of the training sessions with Nate
8- Cook great healthy meals for Zach and I

I think those are all great goals and enough for this next year.

Well only an hour and 15 minutes till midnight. I hope he makes it.. Happy New Years!!